Drawing Animation Book

Japanes legendary animator, Keiichiro Kimura’s drawing book.


Keiichiro Kimura Drawing Animation Book
KK-SPIRIT 4.0 [Collection of Professional wrestling moves] 146page (2011)


Keiichiro Kimura Drawing Animation Book
KK-SPIRIT 5.0 [SAMURAI SPIRITS] 98page (2012)


Keiichiro Kimura Drawing Animation Book
KK-SPIRIT 6.0 [SAMURAI SPIRITS] 94page (2013)

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Keiichiro Kimura Drawing Animation Books

This set contains 3 books(autographed each)
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Made in Japan

Keiichiro Kimura

Legendary animator, born on April 5, 1938.

Joined Toei Animation in 1961. He debuted as an animator with Samurai Kid, and then was the character designer/animation director for his next series, Rainbow Squadron Robin. His most famous classic work, Tiger Mask greatly influenced future animators and action anime. His daring action sequences and strong art still holds fans today.

“I create the animated version of rock!”

With imagination, spirit, and age-defying vitality, he hopes to fill his audience with courage and excitement. He has greatly influenced the animation industry with his fierce artwork, dynamic, daring actions and his use of camera angles. It is no exaggeration to say that Keiichiro Kimura is the founder of modern Japanese action animation.

He is an artist who responds to any requests with professionalism, yet manages to keep expressing his originality at the same time.


Animated TV series

“Sally the Witch” (1966) Animation Director
“Speed Racer” (1967) Key Animator
“Cyborg 009” (1968) Animation Director/Character design/Opening animation
“Humanoid Monster Bem” (1968) Key Animator
“The Secrets of Akkochan” (1969) Animation Director
“Tiger Mask” (1969) Animation Director/Character design/Opening animation
“Attack No. 1” (1969) Key Animator/Opening animation
“Lupin the Third” (1971) Key Animator
“Dokaben” (1976) Animation Director
“The Ultraman” (1979) Key Animator
“Invincible Robo Trider G7” (1980) Animation Director
“Robot King Daioja” (1981) Animation Director
“Golden Warrior Gold Lightan” (1981) Animation Director
“Game Center Arashi” (1982) Animation Director

Animated Films

“Cyborg 009” (1966) Animation Director/Character design
“Cyborg 009: Monster Wars” (1967) Animation Director/Character design

*These are only a few examples of all films he’s worked in.